Q: How does GoAppCash work?

A: It's pretty simple! When you download and try our free sponsor apps, you will earn cash, and cash can be redeemed for gift cards. In other words, you can get real gift cards without spending a penny, and it really works! This is all possible because our sponsors love helping people discover their cool apps, and we love helping our users earn free stuff, so, win-win!

Q: Can I use GoAppCash?

System Requirements:

Q: I downloaded one of your sponsor's apps but I'm not getting my cash. Can you help?

A: We are very sorry you are having difficulty! There could be a couple potential reasons for this.

  1. You didn't click on the app on the GoAppCash offer-wall before downloading it
  2. You didn't run the app for long enough after downloading. Did you use it for at least 30 seconds, did you get to know the app a bit?
  3. You have already downloaded the app before. Even if you deleted the app, you can only earn cash if this is the first time you've downloaded the app before.
  4. For iOS users, you must be in the US iTunes store to earn cash.
  5. Sometimes apps need you to do more than just use them for 30 seconds. Sometimes you need to register or get to a certain level before cash will be paid, but the app should say this where you click on it. Make sure to read the app descriptions carefully!
  6. Occasionally we have technical issues that delay cash payout.
  7. Finally ... if you still don't understand why you haven't gotten your cash, we are really sorry! Let us know using this form.

Q: The sponsor app is incompatible with my device and won’t open! How do I get my cash?

A: Sometimes the applications are not compatible with all devices. If the application is incompatible and will not open on your device, unfortunately, you will not get credit, but more apps are being added all the time!

Q: How do I get my gift card?

A: Once you have enough cash, you can get your gift card instantly just by selecting it from our gifts page. All GoAppCash gift cards are granted to you as codes that can be directly redeemed online. We'll provide you the instructions for redeeming each particular gift card you choose.

Q: Are there any restrictions on earning gift cards?

A: Some GoAppCash gift cards have strict requirements on redemption, for example, sometimes you must be at least 13 years of age or must have a US address. Before you redeem any gift, please read the User Requirements carefully which are shown after you select a particular gift card but before you confirm the redemption.

Q: Can I get a refund for a card that I picked?

A: Unfortunately we can't refund your cash for gift codes you have selected. This is because the only way to tell if a code is has already been redeemed or not is to actually redeem it. Sorry!

Q: I referred a friend, but I don't see any cash or bonus paid is lower than expected.

A: First of all, your friend must be a brand new GoAppCash user who enrolled in GoAppCash for the first time using your own special share link. Then, your friend must earn cash for trying a sponsor app. Once those things have happened, you should see your sharing cash the next time you return to GoAppCash.

Bonus per your friend joined GoAppCash as well as commission amount you get from his/her installs may vary depending his/her county of origin. Bonus and commission amount you see in your account are for friend from same county as yourself.

Q: When will you get new Sponsor applications so I can earn more cash?

A: We are always working hard to get new apps available for you, but it can be hard to predict exactly when they will come through.

Q: I can't find a certain reward or gift card that I want.

A: If it was there before, don't worry, we are probably already busy restocking it. If it's a reward you have in mind, let us know why you would like to have it. Either way, feel free to contact us with your share code using this form.

Q: It's taking a long time for pages to load

A: We highly recommend using GoAppCash over WiFi. Some users may experience long page load times under 3G or 4G wireless signals.

Q: There was a really cool app worth a lot of cash there a second ago, now it's gone! Where did it go?

A: Sorry, but all we can say is you gotta act fast. Our sponsors can't keep running their apps forever, so when you see an offer you like, go for it!